remote branch

git diff origin/master 
to see all the changes that you have committed but not yet pushed

git remote show origin
to show which remote branch is tracked by your local branch
By default, your local branch change will be pushed to 
the remote one with the same name in addition with the prefix "origin/".
e.g. personal_branch -> origin/personal_branch

git log --author="FirstName LastName"
find the commit from a particular person

Eclipse shortcuts

op Description Shortcut Mac Shortcut Windows/Linux
1 Auto complete CTRL – SPACE CTRL – SPACE
2 Open / Search for resources, e.g. files CMD – SHIFT-R CTRL – SHIFT-R
3 Open / Search for Types CMD – SHIFT – T CTRL – SHIFT – T
4 Open class outline view CMD – O CTRL – O
5 Quickfix – result depending on cursor position CMD – 1 CTRL – 1
6 Search for references in the workspace CMD-SHIFT-G CTRL-SHIFT-G
7 Show type hierarchy CMD-T CTRL-T
8 Maximize Java editor CMD-M CTRL-M
9 Delete line CMD – D – R CTRL – D – R
10 Move line/block ALT – ↑ or ↓ ALT – ↑ or ↓