public class Reference {
public void setTreeNode(TreeNode n) {
n = new TreeNode(2);

public void setTreeValue(TreeNode n) {
n.val = 3;

public static void main(String args[]) {
Reference r = new Reference();
TreeNode root = new TreeNode(1);
System.out.println( root.val ); // output => 1

System.out.println( root.val ); // output => 3

in the method of setTreeNode, a copy of root reference is passed to n, that means, n has root’s reference, and this reference is pointed to root, however, after   n = new TreeNode(2);, n a value of reference which pointed to another object. The pointer value is changed, but the value inside of two nodes are not changed.

in the method of setTreeValue, n is pointed to root, so the root’s value is changed.

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