Ajax introduction (1)


  • using javascript to make a request to server
  • fast when used correctly because partial page is refreshed
  • lost addressibility ( two actions may have the same URL )


  • a lib of javascript
  • support Ajax
  • more convienent than the rails’ lib Prototype and (***) for Ajax

JQuery syntax:

  • run on click: $(‘some_tag’).click(function(){})
  • run on submit: $(‘some_tag’).click( function() {} )
  • add stuff on a page: $(‘some_html_tag’).append();
  • with Ajax


data: {

attr_name:  this.xxxselect.val()   // rails got the data by params[:attr_name] (which

// should equal to user’s selected value this.xxxselect.val() here)


success: function() {


error:  function() {



Good slides: http://www.slideshare.net/JamesEdwardGrayII/ajax-with-jquery-in-rails

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